My Background

Jeffrey L. Johnson  CLU

    As I was about to graduate from The University of Pittsburgh in 1972, I was faced with where my life's work would take me. Having been drafted, I knew that I was going to have to take time for Military Service, so a hitch in the Army was definitly in my future, but what to do until I left for Fort Dix, NJ.  More importantly, what should I do until I left to serve my country.  I had observed my Father and his career with New York Life.  I noted the pride he took in helping others, from newlyweds to business owners.  I thought this might be a good place for me before I went to serve Uncle Sam and I could figure out the rest while doing my duty.


Those years flew by (at least in retrospect).  I had not yet had that great moment for my life's calling.  Almost by default, I came back to New York Life.  The longer I stayed, the more I grew to appreciate what a fulfilling career it had become.  I, like my Dad, have helped young families secure their futures.  I have helped ease the worries senior folks have about having enough money.  And, I have helped business' navigate the arena of benefits, continuation and succession.

I am proud to represent New York Life Insurance Company in my home community.